Maynard Klein Award

2016 Karen Nevins (Lincoln High School, Carillon Women’s Chorale)

2015 Joe Miller (Western Michigan University, Westminster Choir College)

2014 Pearl Shangkuan (Calvin College)

2013 Nina Nash-Robertson (Central Michigan University)

2012 Donald Scott (Valley Christian High School/The King’s Choraliers)

2011 Milton Olsson (Michigan Technical University)

2010 Susan Matych-Hager (Fruitport High School/Siena Heights University)

2009 Mark Puchala (NW Michigan College)

2008 John Tyner (Monroe High School/John Tyner Chorale)

2007 Leonard Riccinto (b.3/1941-d.12/2006) (Eastern Michigan University)

2006 Jerry Blackstone (University of Michigan)

2005 Duane Davis (Grand Rapids Community College)

2004 Patricia Terri-Ross (Cass Tech High School)

2003 Thomas Hillbish (University of Michigan)

2002 Charles Smith (Michigan State University)

2001 Mary Alice Stollak (Haslett High School/Michigan State Children’s Chorus)

2000 Calvin Paul Langejans (West Ottawa Public Schools/Holland Chorale)

1999 Howard Rizner (b.1927-d.2012) (Hillsdale Community Schools)

1998 Albert P. Smith (Grand Rapids Junior College)

1997 Malcolm MacLean Johns (b.1/1915-d.4/2001) (Wayne State University)

1996 Marilyn Jones (Cass Tech High School)

1995 Carolyn Mawby (University of Michigan – Flint)

1994 Mel Sherlock Larimer (b.11/1930-d.3/2008) (Albion College)

1993 Roger Dehn (MSVMA/South Haven)

1992 Brazeal Dennard (b.1/1929-d.7/2010) (Northwestern High School/Brazeal Dennard Chorale)

1991 Alfred “Giff” Richards (b.5/1914-d.7/1997) (Battle Creek High School)

1990 David Strickler (Albion College)

1989 Harry M Langsford (b. 1922-d.  ) (Wayne State University/Langsford Singers)

1988 Kenneth Jewell (Interlochen Arts Academy)


The Maynard Klein Award for Distinguished Service to Choral Music in Michigan is presented by ACDA-Michigan in recognition of artistic excellence and a lifetime of leadership in the field of choral music. This prestigious award is named in honor of Maynard Klein, whose musical achievements established a model of choral artistry and scholarship acclaimed within our state and nation. As nominations are submitted by members of the board, those nominations are then approved based upon the following criteria:

They have excellent knowledge of their field.

They are considered by peers to be experts in the field.

They set high standards for themselves.

They enjoy and are enthusiastic about their field.

Their work demonstrates superior achievement and earned respect of colleagues.

They listen to and communicate effectively with others.

They recognize excellence in others and encourage it.

They are committed to supporting and interacting with their colleagues.

They demonstrate a commitment ot ACDA-Michigan.

They demonstrate outstanding leadership qualities in the state of Michigan.

They have significant impact on the ACDA-Michigan Board of Directors.

They are crucial in developing the activities and philosophies of ACDA-Michigan.

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