My ACDA Moments

My ACDA Moments

by Jed ScottACDA-Michigan Webmaster/Editor

I was not a music education or conducting student as an undergraduate or in graduate school. At Western Michigan University, I effectively majored in Gold Company; my masters degree is in Studio Jazz Writing. It wasn’t until my professional organization, the International Association for Jazz Education, went bankrupt that I really began to associate with ACDA.

Since then I have acquired my professional skills in two ways: by trying things in rehearsal, and by attending State, Divisional, and National ACDA Conferences and connecting with fellow ACDA members. The ACDA-Michigan Fall Conference has had a bigger influence on my career trajectory than either Divisional or National conferences – in part because I can attend every year, but more importantly because I have forged relationships with peers across the state and have become part of a community of positive, passionate, dedicated choral professionals. Hearing world class groups like Cantus as well as outstanding ensembles from across Michigan has opened my ears to new possibilities in this art, and sent me back to my own rehearsals inspired to achieve more.

Me, Simon Carrington, and eight Rockford Choir Alumni at the 2015 ACDA-MI Fall Conference

Attending the ACDA-Michigan Fall Conference has profoundly impacted my life and the opportunities I can give to my students. At the 2015 ACDA-Michigan conference, I got the picture at left: with Simon Carrington and eight former students of mine who were either attending the conference or participating in the Collegiate Honors Choir that Carrington conducted.

You can describe your own ACDA experience similarly: it’s not the daily connection, but the special moments that ACDA creates that can profoundly affect your life.

What is your fondest ACDA Moment? When will your next ACDA Moment happen?

I hope you register for this year’s ACDA-Michigan Fall Conference. It promises to be another embarrassment of riches, with headliners André Thomas, Josephine Lee, and Judy Hanson. My next ACDA Moment is sure to happen on Saturday, Oct. 28, when, for the first time, I conduct my own ensemble in a conference performance session.


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